CAFFE Natural Cowhide Rug


Natural Hand Tanned Cowhide Area Rug

Size: 70x80in

Color: Brown-White

Class: First Luxury

Origin: Serbia (breeds); Bosnia (tanning)

Technique: Hand tanned and natural air dried

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Our rare Mediterranean cowhide (hair-on-hide) rugs are made of the softest and thickest natural cowhides available. Each cowhide rug is truly rare and unique.

Add a touch of luxury to your home, office or log cabin with our beautiful, authentic and unique cowhide rugs.

Genuine Natural European Rare Breed Cowhide (hair-on-hide) 100% Original Product

Our cowhide rugs are from rare breeds retaining their original markings They are:

  • Hand Tanned & Made in Europe (not factory made in Latin America)
  • Above the Average Size
  • Thick and Sturdy (rather than thin)
  • From Animals Naturally Grown and Grass Fed
  • Craftsman Made (rather than factory processed)
  • Durable, Long Lasting, Highly Resistant
  • Unique and Authentic in Patterns
  • Luxury Quality, Feel & Appearance

Key Features:

  • Hand Tanned in Europe (NOT Latin America)
  • Hand-Tanned by 3rd. generation of Aydin family.
  • Luxury Quality
  • 100% genuine cowhide leather
  • European (Balkan) breed animals
  • Each product is BRANDED with serial number and Craftsmanship seal.
  • This cowhide has been sourced ethically and humanely and 100% as byproduct of meat production
  • Animals are free-range raised, sustainable sourced mainly on mountain pastures of South-Eastern Europe.
  • Animal skins are endemic to breeds specific for South-Eastern European region.
  • Skins ARE NOT processed by mass processing facility, but rather family owned business with “Old Craft” certificate. This means that such business falls in “Traditional” category of business.
  • Skins are processed in small batches, usually 5-10 at the time, in order for skin to preserve, to the greatest extend, its natural distinctions and quality.


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